From the Cosmos to the Mountains

by Appalachian Winter



Randy Smith - Guitars excluding acoustics.
Mike O'Brien - MIDI choirs.
D.G. Klyne - Voices, composition and arrangements.


released November 9, 2017


all rights reserved



Appalachian Winter Schellsburg, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: All Begins Now
In the beginning, all was void and without form,
And the cosmos was but a mote upon the face of the deep.

An unknown grain of sand upon some distant shore,
Once could have shamed the cosmos,
And a fleck of dust floating in a sunbeam,
Could once have known greater breadth and reach,
For a water drop once could have carried the cosmos
into the sea to be lost forever.

And so it was, but all begins now,
From our initial cause to our aftermath.
Let it be reverence to look upon the sky;
Knowing it once might have hidden under a pebble,
From the sharpest of gazes.
But all begins now, for now; forever.

Distance and time; here and now
Is forever where all begins;
And forever from the first cause.

All begins now, from first cause to final darkness,
For even the cosmos will know final sleep.

All begins now, from that first mote
Exploding into a greatness beyond the dreams of gods.
Track Name: Boiling, Upsurging Expanse
Fury is an all-boiling fire, the force of which knows no end.

Written in the stars are faint memories
Of a blinding epoch of unknowable wrath.

Radiate beyond light; boil and expand.
Young cosmos, exploding through time,
Boil in a rage greater than light.

Surge through a space greater than time.
Boil with a rage greater than time.

Radiate beyond light; boil and expand,
Young cosmos, stretching through time,
Boil in a rage greater than light.

Surge through a space greater than time
With the rage of a lightless fire.

Boil in in a rage greater then time,
For a mote becomes ultimate grandeur.

Radiate beyond light; boil and expand.
Young cosmos, exploding through time,
Boil in a rage greater than light.

From the centers of stars to the blood of every Earthly creature,
Creation is aflame; exploding into unknowable greatness.
Track Name: Essence Condensing from Fury
Fire - creating, molding, shaping,
Cosmos - descendant, ascendant, transcendent,
From one the other explodes.

Firehewn is all - the heavens above; the Earth below.

Condensation forms as cosmos from fire;
Ashes of creation to forever re-enflame.

Firehewn is all - the essence of this world
And all others.

Firehewn is all - the essence of our heavens;
The essence of time itself.

From fury is come that which has built the heavens and this earth.
Track Name: This Moment, All Is Light
Now, the essence of sight is free.
Now, radiance and creation are one.

Essence comes aglow, and the cosmos afire,
For the first light is the grandest.

Let there be light!
Let there be wonder!
Let there be heavens that can be seen!
Let there be sight!
Let there be endless awe!
Let there be a cosmos that can be known!
Track Name: Come Together and Build the Heavens
Gathering nebulous fires
Determine the shapes of great things,
For the flash of the past is the explosion of now
As the eons build.
For the flash of the past is the motion for now
As the eons form.

See now the shapes of the eons built -

Rise, the heavens we know:
Orb, ellipse, vortex, and chaos.
Rise, energy passes, essence takes form:
Orb, ellipse, vortex, and chaos.

Gathering nebulous fires:
Orb, ellipse, vortex, and chaos.
For the flash of the past is the motion for now:
Orb, ellipse, vortex, and chaos.
Track Name: Stars, Make Creation Shine Again
Fire, ashes fire; - creation upon creation -
The cosmos finds new life as the epochs pass.

Let light fall upon creation's distant realms.

Vaporous seas of essence
- once distant -
Now entwining,
Bear the vortexes that bear the cosmos light.

May creation - in all its beauty - shine with bounteous light.

Cosmos afire - cosmos alight -
And starshine falling from unknown height,
With promise of grandeur and promise sight
Kept through darkness and cosmic might.
Track Name: The Age of Worlds Coming Forth
Now is when stars build the cosmos.

From creation to creation
And fire to fire
The Stars no longer wander alone
To sing from the face of the deep.

Now is the epoch of worlds.

Glorious creation becoming grander
And singing more loudly with distinct harmony
And bearing countlessly beautiful infinities,
Foster now the stages upon which great dramas
May soon enact.

Born of stars, countless worlds roil
In the order and chaos of creation.
And so in endless manifestations
Form and beauty pass into existence.
Track Name: So Are Wrought Our Sun and Our Earth
Somewhere, in a corner of the cosmos,
Long since lost to time,
When stars were young,
That which we know had its genesis.

And so from the remnants of ancient stars long dead,
Somewhere, a center was found and destiny followed.
And in a sightless, blind light, this young creation first cried
- In a rage beyond time - the tears that formed existence
And in a fresh, young light, a newborn star first shined
And pulled the surrounding dust into vortexes.
And so from the remnants of ancient stars long dead,
Life has came to our Sun and life has come to our Earth.

Glory to the dead stars, the dust of which reached across the cosmos,
To come upon itself and so beautifully forge a reality beyond dreams.

Glory to our Sun!
Glory to our Earth!

Glory to our Sun!
Glory to our Earth!
Glory to the stars above!
Glory to our beautiful cosmos!
Track Name: Let the Mountains Rise upon the Land
Echoes of the cosmos boil still within this tiny world,
For all the Earth was once the sky,
With the same cosmic storms now inside.
So as the Earth has fallen, the mountains rise;
Reaching back to heavens so far away.

The cosmos lives brilliantly through our tiny world,
For the stars that gave us life have now gone by,
But our hallowed, graceful mountains shall always rise.
And so from the heavens has come the Earth,
To reach back to Heaven with our Mountains.

Somewhere, mountains always shall rise,
As creation evolves ever greater majesty,
And our heavenly earth reaches into divinity.

Rise, mountains, rise!

Reach back to the heavens!
We are the heavens!

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