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Track Name: Winter Eternal
How I fear December's wrath.
Her assaults of ice have brought forth unimaginable pain upon my being.
She knows my weakness,
Whilst beckoning my fight.

Terror wrought in ice:
You are my crystalled damnation,
You are my frozen nemesis,
The coldest judge of my heart.

Nonetheless, I'll come forth and suffer . . .
. . .and strengthen.

Nonetheless, December, I'll always love you . . .
. . . until time ends.

So the cold months descend, and another everlasting Winter
Beckons brave souls . . .
. . . out into her midst!

May the narrative of Winter never die!
Track Name: The Death of the Last Wolf
"You beasts, what is this you have done
To come upon my land and kill my gentle grazers,
Who I see torn asunder and dead?
You beasts, what is this deviltry,
That you come in the night to destroy
That which I protect,
That which is not wild,
That which before you
Lies weak and helpless?"

So Death entered the forest with his eager hounds,
Championing thoughts of hatred and extermination.
How is it that one who murders out of hunger
Should be a greater beast than one who does out of anger?

"You beast, I have you cornered at last!
The blood on your teeth gives me anger,
But the fear in your eyes gives me laughter!
And as you lay quivering before me,
I shall call forth the Thunder
To strike you down!"

So thunder entered the forest with a shrill clap
And flesh was torn asunder yet again.
And that beautiful beast, who knew only instinct,
Fell dying to the forest floor.

Is this not a cruel mockery of fate,
That the hunter becomes the hunted
And the hunted become but a distant memory?

So thunder entered the forest with a shrill clap . . .

And finally Death left the forest,
Not knowing the Great Mountain was weeping
But secure in the knowledge that his gentle grazers
Would never again spill their blood before the marauding beasts.

And so were silenced the wolfsongs of the night.
You beasts, what is this you have done?
Track Name: In Fear Before the Coming Storm
This, the day our sight beheld the darkened sky
And the sick glint of fear was shown in every eye.
Lost time and lost life, remembered nigh;
Now present and bleeding in every mind.

Let there be silence upon the land, that the approaching monster may be known.
Be still in body and defiant mind.
The Earth gave you life - Fear will preserve it.

See now what shall descend; A horror like many before.
Know your body is feeble,
And your soul is mortal.
Foolhardy courage dies
In the face of the coming storm
Along with the foolhardy courageous,
And their vain passions.
And in these moments of fright,
Your fear fights for your tomorrow.
Track Name: January Thunder
Something harsh approaches.
Skies blacken over a world of white.
Something in the air tenses,
And speaks of Time gone mad.
Anger is shown in the sky,
As hibernating fears awaken.
Aura of evil descends,
As a sleeping Winter landscape is touched by Violence.

Cold day horror!
Thunder lurks in our midst!
Young year Terror!
Lightning kissed . . .

May Thunder always rain
Its roar of dominance
Upon you mortal creatures
And your insipid pride.
May the whirlwinds come upon you,
Bringing Terror and Death
To remind the haughtiest of men
That their lives mean nothing.

Hail to the fire
Between the dark clouds
Throwing their ire
Upon ice-clotted ground!

Speak to me not of things mild,
For this world knows not meekness.
Speak to me indeed, of power –
That Rain and Wind spell the death of a mountain!

I dare ye who speak of a "gentle" and "temperate" world
To say your peace to the Thunder
That rolls across this Frozen Land;
The fools you are –
Track Name: Wolfen Return
Beyond where the Earth meets the Sky,
To land where the Cold Winds die,
The Empires of Terrible Beasts crumble,
Opening the gateway to our Southern Return!

Onward we charge, to reclaim the land on which our ancestors died.
And we'll find the Beasts who were their bane and consign their bones deep within the dirt!
We'll be restored to our rightful place as the ones who bring Order to this Land.
And we'll howl loudly the proclamation that this world belongs to the Wolfen Kind.

Beyond where the Earth meets the Sky;
Those lands saw all of our deaths
At the hands of those vain monsters,
Who claimed our homeland as their own!
Track Name: Memories of a Distant Summer
In the depths of the cold seasons,
Dreams come to me;
Offering hellish torture,
Reminding me of what once was.
In the plaintive vision,
I remember a paradise that once was.

Surrounded by warmth,
I stood amongst July's proud broadleaves.
I stood amongst life
In the comforting energy of a vibrant world.

But at the fall of every year
I know it's not to be.
Awakening from my dreams,
I find desolation.

My vibrant world gone,
I behold a land
Engraved in tombstone gray.
And within the depths of my heart,
I feel as a silent monster would;
Standing over the corpse of his only friend.
Track Name: The Struggle under the Freezing Heavens
A nightmare of cold blasts sear through my weakened flesh, and like knives of hardened steel they puncture my very essence.
And as the ground reddens from my loss of blood,
I come to know that the weight of this day has grown dire.

Death-bound, but without fear,
Life and Death are but illusions.
Non-existence is but a concern of the extant.

Oh, you vicious winds, lay me out so I may gaze upon that sky I've loved for the whole of my life.
And let me also gaze upon the Great Mountain,
That I should know it as my only God.

The sky fades into a grayish blue,
And the Great Mountain has taken the form of a wall of crystal white.
And should it be true that these are my dying thoughts;
Grant me the strength to declare that under no other sky, would I rather have lived,
And before no other mountain
Would I rather have held awe!

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