by Appalachian Winter



releases September 9, 2020


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Appalachian Winter Schellsburg, Pennsylvania

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-D.G. Klyne

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Track Name: Crystalline World
Few things scald as the terror of ice
As it falls from the sky
To remake the world in its image
And all who stand in its shadow
Fall into oblivion
And their ghosts howl into the wind.

And so the freezing rain falls,
Entombing all in its crystalline shroud,
And through the frozen tears of winter's rage
We witness this world's burial.

Should we be able to hide from this murderous ice-plague,
What will we behold when the sun no longer cowers?

(Come out, you coward!
Your world is suffering!
Get thee out from behind the clouds!
You are needed now more than ever.)

-A crystalline world;
-The beauty of the storm.
-A frightful ghost,
Forsaking all that's warm.

Words cannot spell the lust for blood this season enjoys,
For those who hold with fire have not seen how ice destroys.

And ice does destroy.

Where are my words now?
This isn't the world I knew.
All who aren't suffering are ghosts.
Even the trees groan;
Their burdens unbearable.
Behold, the sun has shown itself,
And I behold -
Only ice has made itself the image of this world.
Track Name: The Thunder of Distant Storms
Oh, I know that summer makes its last, desperate stand,
When the thunder of distant storms roars across the land.

Warrior giants - one or fire and one of fire and one of ice -
Have built their battle-home in the thunderheads.
Where he of fire does warmth and life entice,
He of ice hails coldness and death instead.

And though my heart hopes for the warm-warrior's triumph,
The sun's southfall tells me of whom this battle belongs.

Though the sun favors him not,
Summer's warrior fights courageously.

The once distant thunder - now overhead -
And frozen winds now descending
Tell me the fire warrior has fallen
And death is rising to make the land pure.

Track Name: Howls in the Wind
Is it only the wind?
Does my mind fool me,
Or is something else out here?

Between the searing cold windblasts,
And the turn of snow in the gale,
I swear I've just heard . . . some . . . thing.

I have defied death.
Screaming in his face,
I freed myself from his grasp.
I fought him
. . . violently . . .
. . . fearlessly . . .

But what I hear now
Is freezing my blood.

I hope it's only the wind.
Track Name: Born of Winter
The seeds of my soul were sown in the throes of creation,
With the fabric of two woven into a distinction.
Upon a deep winter night with the howls of the surrounding season,
My heart came aflame, and spoke of bare trees and distant sun.

The winds of the storm shall howl across the land my true name,
For Earthborn I am; of Land and Sky I am made a man.
And on these deep winter nights, songs of creation echo in my heart,
For I am man; I am a force of nature -

I am Earthborn!

So here I stand; fury of winter in body of man,
Wraith of a season; destroyer of life and land,
But when these fierce winds tear my ghost from my beaten flesh,
I'll leave the soil and howl with them forever,

"I am the Earthborn!"
"I am Earthborn!"
Track Name: Forsake the Hope of Spring
All warmth has left this world
Alone in this cold void,
And all light had died too
Leaving all color destroyed.

All hope that I could hold
Feels broken beyond mend,
When the ice-spears of the wind
From Heaven descend,

For Death is this season
Of endless cold,
And life is but treason
On a world grown old.

Day upon day, the gray skies surround.
And day upon day, the freezing winds howl.
Day upon day, ice clots the ground.
And day upon day, the trees groan and growl.

Year upon year, I watch this world die,
And screaming in vain, I curse Winter's name.
With fear upon fear, I wait for the sky
To gather its horror, and take frightful aim.

For all has died, and I stand alone.
And I pray to have no dreams.

Please spare me some mercy.
Give me no visions of Summer's grandeur.
For no echoes of sweetness can I bear
While I walk this endless, frozen Hell.

For I can pray for nothing more
Upon this dead world
Than to have no memories of life.

And should the sky clear
And the cold winds die,
I'll hold no hope
For heartbreak has wearied me.

For hate is the reason my heart has grown cold,
And death is this season
And I've grown old.

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