The Epochs that Built the Mountains

by Appalachian Winter



released November 9, 2014

Randy Smith - guitars excluding acoustics.
Mike O'Brien - MIDI choirs.
D.G. Klyne - Voices, composition and arrangements.


all rights reserved



Appalachian Winter Schellsburg, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Laurentia
Hear now, Great Mother of my land,
Your ghost haunts all that is here, now,
Here, that I call home.

Here - now, Laurentia is upon
The soul of a northern one
Who wishes to know her.

Secrets cast in stone
And locked by the hands of time
Are the only remnants
Of a land lost to the ages.

A stone image of a seafarer
Cradled skyward upon a ridge
Has spoken of my mountains
With an incredible voice
Passing ghosts from the rocks
To my dreams.

Hear now, Great Mother of my land
That you are upon my dreams,
You, great Laurentia!
Track Name: Close the Ocean
Upon this world
Even lands wander
Upon journeys of thousands of miles.
And in this epoch
A great ocean dies
Before the march of the lands' last embrace.

The death of one Earth
In genesis of another
Brings lands closer to what our ages know.
For behold, great forces below
Upend the basin and the mountains now rise!

Land comes upon land
in an old, grand epoch of change.

When all lands are in search of each other,
The seas will yield before their advance,
For behold, great forces below
Upend the basin and the mountains now rise!
Track Name: Rise to the Heavens
Rise to the heavens;
Reach out through time.
When lands collide,
Let the mountains rise.

Rise to the heavens as all lands gather,
Riding the storms within the Earth.
In this brief moment before it seems
That all life will die,
Something beautiful happened,
And my Appalachians rose proudly into the sky!

Long ago, my mountains were the tallest,
Before wind and rain had their say.
But even today, only ignorant eyes
Can look upon these Appalachians
And call them "humble."
For they have borne skyward
The fractured remains of a time
That tell us about the forgotten age
Of a once different Earth.

Rise to the heavens
and unite distant epochs,
For all lands became one
In the moments of your origin.
And bear thee skyward the imprints of ancient times,
For you are the mighty Appalachians,
Old and beautiful;
You are a testament of the Earth!
Track Name: The Last All-Land
Span of the Earth;
Many have become but one
Ancient giant,
For the lands came upon greatness and fused.
And in the middle,
Mountains like none before
Kissed the heavens and stood against
All that time could summon.

Span of the Earth;
Mother of my mountains!
Fire below;
The forge of all epochs!
The Earth above;
The face of eternal change!
The mountains high;
The dreams of the gods themselves!

The greatest of lands
Destined to be torn asunder;
For giants that seem unmoveable
Flow as rivers charging from the mountains.

Span of the Earth;
An old world's ghosts in a new age,
Though the story of my mountains
Is far from ending!
Track Name: The Cycle of Sea and Mountain
Rise to the knowledge of the Earth!
Mountain and sea are eternally tied
In their vortex - a swirl of re-creation -
In an embrace as old as time.

The epochs echo those that came before,
As the sea and mountains sing the harmony of this world.

Rise to this knowledge of the Earth,
For the ground beneath our feet
Changes as do the clouds above
When the fearsome storms gather,
And the eternal marble of the Earth
Shall always persist,
For the mountains flow into the sea
Only to rise again.

From the tallest mountains
Are borne the ocean's depths.

The beauty we call this Earth
Flows as do the rivers,
For in every rock
Distant epochs sparkle.
Track Name: Watergap
How can it be
That the river is stronger than the mountain,
That the water can move the land,
That the rain can crumble the boulder?
How can it be?

How can it be
That the river can stand its ground,
And say, "The mountain shall not rise here,
And my course to the sea shall remain,

For when the mountain tried to give the river
To the heavens, the river cut back down,
Saying, "None shall move me from this Earth!"

But these things are to be this world,
That the river can carve the land,
That this Earth - forever changed -
Changes forever!
Track Name: Withstand the Ages
A miracle are these mountains; they have withstood.
And cruelties many they have defied.

A miracle are these mountains, for they still stand.
The ages spared no hardship upon this tortured land.

Withstand the ages that would see your end.

These mountains withstood; these mountains survived.
These mountains still stand; these mountains still live.
Through endless time, from old Earth to new,
These mountains have stood; these mountains still live.

Ages of sun and atmosphere
Wrought destruction upon these mountains.

Buried and uncovered, with once proud peaks
Rended and cast into the sea, my mountains stand, still.
And when all lands are again one,
My Appalachians will reach the heavens once more.
Track Name: Hymn to the Ancient Mountains
When these mountains rose,
the Earth gained a new beauty.
And when these mountains rose,
A new soul was brought upon this land.

For the mountains sing the tales of the ages,
And they bring the heavens closer to the Earth.
My mountains stand, so eternal and glorious
As the genesis of endless wonder.

See now what remains of ages ancient
-To this land
-To this world.

For the mountains sing the tales of the ages,
And they bring the heavens closer to my heart,
As my soul calls out to the ancient epochs,
That echo still from peak to shaded valley.

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